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“Vikki does an on-point, responsive interview. A lot of interviewers nowadays have a set of questions they are going to ask, no matter what you say. Vikki actually listens to your answer and tailors her next question accordingly. A very pleasant and painless experience.”

— Charlaine Harris, bestselling author of the series behind True Blood

Vikki is a dedicated interviewer and book reviewer who is professional, approachable, and really very kind.  It was an absolute joy to be interviewed by her and she very generously went above and beyond in helping to spread word of The Summer that Melted Everything. What more could a debut author ask for!

— Tiffany McDaniel, bestselling author of The Summer that Melted Everything

Vikki worked for me for over six months in a PR and Marketing capacity. She is reliable, pro-active and very efficient. Not only are her administration skills excellent, but she is always to deadline and a joy to work with. I would recommend her highly to any company.”

— Julia Suzuki, founder of Julia Suzuki Couture and author of The Land of Dragor

Vikki has been a proactive, enthusiastic and talented addition to the Lovereading team of freelance writers. Her ‘Ask the Author’ features and book reviews are always insightful and engaging, and get the reader beyond the normal publisher.”

— Peter Crawshaw, co-founder and director of Lovereading Ltd

“Vikki is a thoughtful and entertaining interviewer, reviewer and blogger. She puts original and intelligent questions to the author that shows that she read the book carefully and which are designed to elicit the most interesting response for the reader. She’s a great writer herself, so it is always a really enjoyable to do an e-mail interview with her.”

— Karen Maitland, bestselling author of Company of Liars

“Vikki is a sensitive and skilled interviewer, and takes the trouble – as so many don’t – both to interrogate and to structure the subject’s replies, creating order out of what may to begin with be rambling, discursive or oblique.  She’s also an excellent reviewer, responding to the works she critiques in varied ways that springboard from their own themes and subject matter.  She’s invariably interesting, insightful and thought-provoking.

— M.R. Carey, bestselling author of The Girl With All the Gifts, adapted for film in 2016

It’s always a pleasure to give an interview to someone so obviously enthusiastic about books, and so clearly committed to their exploration and promotion. Vikki always sends thoughtful questions, and writes thorough, clear sighted reviews.”

— Katherine Webb, bestselling author of The Misbegotten

Vikki enthusiastically promoted my books through her social media network, resulting in direct reader response and increased book sales. The review she wrote for my third novel was thoughtful, insightful and well-worded. Her love of books and authors makes Vikki a joy to work with.”

— Kathleen Kent, New York Times bestselling author

“The great – and reassuring – thing about Vikki’s interview was that she shaped my answers into a piece that was seamlessly put together and probably a lot more coherent than I was. Her questions were well researched and interesting to answer. I would welcome any more questions she would see fit to ask!

— Vanessa Tait, author of The Looking-Glass House

“I did an author interview with Vikki when my first novel was published in 2014. Vikki was very friendly, she asked interesting questions and there are loads of really thought-provoking reviews and interviews on her blog.

— Carys Bray, author of A Song for Issy Bradley

I thoroughly enjoyed contributing to Vikki’s Cornish Reading Challenge. Vikki’s love of literature shines through everything she does and makes her a real pleasure to work with. She’s such an intelligent and enthusiastic interviewer and blogger – our industry needs more like her.

— Sharon Tregenza, bestselling children’s author

I know Vikki as a book blogger and not only is she really professional to deal with, the blog is a really interesting place to be as well.”

— Jane Cable, author of The Faerie Tree

Vikki has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a thoughtful and intelligent interviewer, who asks interesting and unusual questions. She writes beautifully and with insight. Vikki was courteous and prompt to respond in all my dealings with her. I hope our paths cross in future!”

— Louisa Treger, bestselling author of The Lodger

“Vikki conducted an author interview with me late last year, and the questions were interesting and fun to answer. (Having done many of these interviews over the years, I can say they’re not always fun.) She clearly knows the publishing industry well, and has offered valuable advice in that regard as well. My interactions with her have always been positive.

— Neil McGarry, author of The Grey City series

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